Just as a Point of Interest Folks

I thought everyone might like to know what i have been eating and enjoying in China
I have been to China many times and have never been asked to eat anything unusual.  Until this trip.  Here is the list.  We ate most of the more unusual food in JiangXi.
Stinky Tofu-  a very smelly bean curd.  it is fried and served with a spicy pepper paste like sauce.  This was in Shanghai and i liked it very much.
A lot of the food in JiangXi was very spicy.  I do like spicy food, so no problem. 
Jellyfish-  tasted fine.  like those clear noodles in texture.  served in a sauce with vinegar and vegetables.  Tasted good.  I liked it.  if no one told me i would have thought it was those thick clear rice noodles.  They say Americans do not usually like it so i must not be American.
Frogs -  fried with veggies.  I skipped this one.  I do not eat anything i met in the bio lab.
Lots of duck -  not my favorite but we had duck skin in pancakes with sauce, scallions and cucumbers. quite good.
chicken claws.  they were deep fried and i passed on those too. 
Loads of fish and chicken with bones.  I reminded everyone i was working and not used to eating around bones and they did not want me to choke right?
i really have loved my time in China.  The kids are always in my heart.  Always great to be here and i miss it when i go home.  Think of all these children i saw this trip.  I like to be here but am missing my family too.   
I may blog tonight or not.  I have slowly been working through updates to Gladney families.  Love to all those special families who have opened their hearts to children.