A Word About International Travel

We flew Delta and it's the best of the best.  Nicest crew and best food planes etc.  Everyone is just downright nice.  Need more water Hon?  What can I get you?  Just great!  But there are the seats,  quite cramped in economy.  The food was edible and fairly decent.  The entertainment was great.  Individual video screens, all the movies, TV and games you could ask for.

We have a layover In Tokyo then onto Shanghai.  We will get in around 10 pm.  That means
 there is no airport pick up.  Gongzhan wants to take the mag lev train.  Oh boy luggage and all.  Let's see how that works out.

Everything else aside, I will wake up tomorrow in Shanghai.  I will get up, go to the orphanage and see beautiful children.  Should be a productive great day.  Can't wait.

Gongzhan and I have switched roles.  He is off shopping duty free.  More updates tomorrow.