I'm Home

Well, I'm home and missing China already!

I got home late afternoon.  I am up for 2 hours and then want a nap.  I am still in china mode.  Thinking about the kids, dreaming about them as well. - saw the sweetest kiddos!!!!

Going out into the villages in JiangXi really gave me perspective.  In Shanghai I am used to more medical models.  The children are really managed medically with all China has to offer.  In JiangXi the children were cared for.  For the children with Cerebral Palsy, they would tell me, please find them parents because we want better for them than we can do here.  There are no sitting or positioning devices for those who cannot sit.  Chairs and positioning equipment is in short supply.  In one of the orphanages they did not put the children down enough.  They held them too much.  I know, that's weird right.  They were used to being held but not moving. They could not move from position to position.  Like lying down to sitting up.  Put place them on their feet and they could walk.  I did encourage some tummy time but think if I am not there, they will be afraid to try.

The caregiver ratio was pretty good.  Average seemed to be four to five children to a caregiver.  Really hard to be sure as it was a first impression.  All loving and kind.  Still all well bonded to caregivers.  I talked with the foster family to a baby and the grandma held the child all the time.  She would not cook for the husband or rest of the family if she thought the baby needed holding.

I am still processing all I saw.  Will share more stories soon.

Peace, Pat