Pat's in Shanghai and Working, Working, Working!

Ok radio silence here.

Guess what guys no twitter in China. I have sent a bunch of tweets to April who will post them for me. Should we call her my guest tweeter

Gongzhan and i arrived at shanghai Pudong airport at 9:30 pm Sunday night. I had not realized that there was no time to regroup prior to getting right in to the swing. I will summarize my day. Up at four because my inernal clock is screwed up. Off to SCH at 8:30. Met Gongzhan at the orphanage. We saw 15 children yesterday. Yes i cannot believe it. in addition i gave a special sensory swing to the rehab center, had lunch with the orphanage director. I do not know what we ate but it was good. Saw many children in the afternoon. Spent time in a baby room and did some treatment with some babies who the caregivers were concerned about. This was great. they saw me and the nannies just brought the babies. We stayed in the room and saw many children getting their evening meal. Congee with some sausage and veggies in it.

I was dirty and tired from all this work. We caught a ride back to the hotel with an official and Gongzhan had to almost force me from the car. I could have gone to sleep right then for the night. took a quick shower and then a nap. I have been up putting together expierences. I had tea and an apple in the room for dinner. I have been working since Around 9:30 PM and am now going to bed. I will post more pics tomorrow.