One week to go

A week from Saturday Gongzhan and I will be leaving for China.  I am nervous, excited and feel not ready at all.  My life is filled with lists and items checked off daily.  Unfortunately, items are also added daily.  Am I ready for complete reversal of day and night?( 12 hour difference to Shanghai)   Am I ready for the intense heat and humidity?  Am I ready for carrying tissues and Squatty Pottys.  No.

Here is what I am ready for.  I am ready for seeing all the kids.  I am ready for helping children find forever families.  I am ready for working with the kids in the orphanage.  I am ready to see the rehab staff.  I am ready to see some of the already matched children.  I am ready to tell children that they have parents who are waiting for them.  I am ready to hold and hug children who may not find families.  I am ready to let them know they are special.

I guess I am ready for what is important.