All Systems Go in Beijing

I arrived yesterday afternoon and Erin and Hannah arrived last night. We are beyond excited.  This enables us to get some sleep and get adjusted to time before we stat traveling. The Journey was uneventful except with all the things we were bringing for the children we have way too much luggage.  I have two international bags and a carry on and a walker.   Because I had the walker I attracted stares and airport workers kept offering me a wheelchair. I tried to explain to no avail.  The walker is for Paige who we met last year.

Had dinner and chit chatted with Rocky then back to my room and waited for Erin to arrive.  They got in about 10pm and was so happy  to see them.  Off to bed and had a good nights sleep.  I think I went through four days where I only got 2 hours sleep per night last year. this is really a bonus and a great tart to an exciting trip.

Tomorrow Chelsea and Darla arrive.  We will get to Hunan around 10 pm.  Then up and ready to go for a 9AM start.  We are so waiting to hug our Sweeties we saw there last year and some have not met before.

Here we go!!