Uncle Gongzhan

This week we have been exploring favorite memories from our last trip.  I asked what his favorite memory was and it was about this girl.  He spoke a lot about her.  He is usually quiet so I was surprised he had so much to say.

We met this girl on our trip last year.  she looked over the team and decided that Gongzhan was the most impressive.  She stuck close to him the entire day.  Holding his hand tighter than anyone ever had.  She stayed close to him.  She followed him to the door of the rest room and waited for him to reappear again.

She had lunch with us but sat between him and the door.  Checking that he would not leave.  Now every one in the room was anxious.  We were worried that she would be so upset when he left.  They took a number of pictures together.  We were all hounding him that this was going to be a problem.  He said don't worry.  I will prepare her.  He told he he was going to go so he could go home and find parents who would love her forever.  He told her he would also return.  When it was time to go, she let go of his hand and waved from the steps as we drove away. She was so Brave!!!!

We all can't wait to tell her about her parents and how much they love her already.  We saw them on Thursday and we are all so excited.

Five more sleeps to China!!!!!!