Here we are again

Its hot and we are sleep deprived.  Darla and I almost fell asleep sitting up at dinner. I later fell asleep on the chair in Erin's room where we were trying to do some work and get organized.

We met so many children here yesterday.  It does not bode well when we will be entering the most strenuous part of our trip, the JiangXi province.   This is where we go from orphanage to orphanage. We are all over tired and jet lagged. I anted to tell you all abut the day.  There were so many special moments that it just is overwhelming.

Here is a cute story for the day.  I got to see this girl last year and this year.

Her file took a long time to come in.  Here are the pictures we took together.  The best news is right before I left a family asked to be matched with her. I am so happy for both them and her. Here are some cute pics of the day.