Sun, Sea and my Fondest Memories

This weekend I had the honor to attend the Gladney family Association Picnic at the Larchmont yacht club in NY.  It was a perfect day.  The Sky was so Blue and it was cool but not cold.  I arrived early for a special project which i can share more about later.  Set up was almost complete when a an adorable little voice said, "I missed you, Miss Pat"   Then this little beauty ran straight into my arms.  It took my breath away because the first time I met her was in March 2011.   I was so over come at how she has blossomed.  She was barely walking the first time we met.  a few toddling steps.  Now running, jumping and making friends with all the children she meets.  She is so pretty with a beautiful smile.  How we met later changed my life.  Our Superkids trip focused on information for waiting parents was in 2011.  We had been going to China since 2007 to work with caregivers and rehab staff.  To help them learn and facilitate developmental milestones.  To get children in better shape earlier.  Walking and speaking sooner.  In 2011 we refocused because it was important to improve quality of life but the biggest improvement in this is adoption.

This little girl was special.  She was so sweet and just had a gentle spirit. We took some pics. We did a developmental screening.  That is me busily taking notes in the background of this picture.  We collected info all about her and quite a number of other children. We then came back and began to out reach for waiting children.  I spoke with a number of families about this little bug.  Until I spoke to Erin Martin.  Yes friends, that Erin. Our waiting child advocate who at that time was unknown to us.  She listened carefully even though she was on a hike with her family in an area of limited cell phone reception.  I think she knew and I knew, this was her child.  I got to meet this sweetie twice in China.  Once she was barely walking, the second time I went back with photos and a a few goodies, she was walking well.  When Erin went to meet her daughter for gotcha day, she was running and a few days home,  she was turning somersaults.  She was doing so well in development.

One of the best parts of this is Erin and I remained friends.  She began advocating for waiting children and here we are years later, going to China for her second trip and for me number???.  I have lost count.  This little bug is now the daughter of a my dear friend Erin.  A wonderful advocate and support for waiting children in China.

So Sunday was a very specail day for me.  Spending time with this family and my little sweetie.  We never know where a road will lead us but this journey has been so special.