Yesterday we shared Chelsea's favorite memory.  Today I will share my favorite memory.  I actually have two favorites.  The first is about this little one.  I became aware of OI as a diagnosis for two children at a large orphanage roughly two years ago.  Last year we were successful in getting a file prepared for a child with this special need.  When they brought this girl to me and I held her, that was such a wonderful moment.  Nothing could have made me happier.  To know that this child has a chance at a forever family, made my heart sing.  This year I will be going back with pictures and a gift from that forever family.   That will be a whole choir of singing in my heart.

The second memory is for one of our self advocaters.  She asked each of us to find her a forever family.  She was not restricted by the language barrier.  She found the bulletin board of adopted children and showed us she wanted her picture there too!  This year her family will have their gotcha day right before we get to China.  Yeah!!!!  We are so happy and can't wait.  Pretty awesome although it did not feel so great then and we worried about it the entire trip.  Was there a family for her?  This was such a blessing and miracle that this family found her through our outreach.

Lets all celebrate with these two beauties!!!!

Tomorrow we will talk about Darla's favorite memory and then Erin's.  10 days and counting, oh boy!!!!