It's the Small Things....

Darla is writing today about our trip

It's the small things....

The SuperKids trip is like a long roller coaster rides.  It has its ups and 
downs. There are times we literally stand up and cheer, like the beautiful ten 
year old with spina bifida that stood several inches taller as she uses her new 
walker Pat had transported across the world to deliver.  Unfortunately, there 
are the lows of evaluating very sick young children who really need immediate 
medical care that may not be possible.  Then there are all the in betweens.  I, 
personally, want to capture each moment and celebrate the small things.

Small victories like the obvious extra care of freshly washed hair that the 
nannies are carefully styling.  The sweet vision of orphans pretend playing with 
a doll, hugging and feeding her. The noticeable clean clothes and beautiful 
shoes that fit properly.  The fruit of Pat's labor of training nannies to place 
babies on their tummies, as the babies easily raise their heads to smile at us.  
The obvious joy in a foster family relationship, as the little boy runs to his 
smiling foster dad.  Albeit hard to see that bond broken, that child has the 
experience of attaching that will make the transition to his adoptive family 
easier.  The vision of the orphanage director coming close and talking quietly 
as she puts her arm around an older child who is struggling.  Those are the 
small things that really touch me, because they are significant.