Count Down to China!!!

We do different things when we are in China.  Sometimes not what you would expect.  Sometimes not what WE would expect. Sometimes we are aware its happening and sometimes not.  Sometimes all of a sudden we are led into a conference room full of waiting orphanage staff who think we will lecture all day.  Then sometimes we get very real questions like can you help this baby. The caregivers may line up and bring kiddos with them or we may be asked for something more formal.  Here is where real collaboration takes place.  How we can turn the want for a lecture into a hands on developmental training session.

We ask about the children.  We play with the kiddos and treat them and the caregivers with respect.  Acknowledge that they are doing the best for the children that they can with sometimes very limited resources.  Working in the spirit of collaboration and always thinking on your feet.

All the same, its many of these children who steal our hearts. Sometimes its their special relationship with these caregivers that helps first open these children's hearts to be able to bond to their forever families.  Such an important role and its a place where training can have so much impact.

So this time in JiangXi we will do a large training.  We are working to make this the a meaningful and hands on training.  You will hear more as this progresses.  We will report in from JiangXi!

Two more sleeps and there is not a thing in my suitcase.