Darla's reflections

When I asked Darla what was her favorite memory of the trip, She shared a special story. We met this boy in one of the last orphanages of our trip.  It was in an orphanage where we saw a large number of children. We were all running around working with the children.  Gongzhan was there talking intently with a very thin boy.  We could see instantly he had stolen Gongzhan's heart.  He was sitting at a table drawing.  Playing quietly with Gongzhan.  We notices them talking quietly.  Gongzhan taking a banana from his snack bag and giving it to the boy.  He was excited and ate the banana.  Gongzhan was telling him he had to get stronger.  to eat more and to exercise.  He was showing him how to use a water bottle as a weight.

When Darla and I got to this boy we discovered he is not able to walk but they take him to school in town every day and pick him up at the end of the day.  He does not have a wheelchair.  They told us he is one of the smartest children in the orphanage.  He, in all likelihood, has some type of muscle issue that accounts for the thinness. We asked Gongzhan about this later and he said. "I told him he must get stronger and we will try to find him a family. "

We both loved how this boys heart touched Gongzhan's heart. Such a bittersweet memory.