favorite memories- last trip

How did this happen?  I woke up this Am and realised 11 more nights and we will be in China.  Wow!  so many things still to check off on the to do list.  Like clothes, travel insurance, phone plan.  Whats waiting on the other side of the world?  Well, so many beautiful memories in the making.  Chelsea and I recently got a chance to catch up on what is waiting.  What our favorite memories from the last trip were.  I am going to share here just a little bit.

Chelsea's favorite memories were of this sweet boy.  Who was walking on his knees.  He is handsome, smiley and just a delight.   He was so special to her because she kept coaxing him to get up but he did not want to with us.  Finally he did. SO beautiful and so sweet.

I will share my favorite memories tomorrow. 11 more sleeps.  Then its China!!  Yeah !!!