Today we are looking forward to being reunited with Chelsea and Darla.  How sweet this will be.  We are so waiting to see them.  When a team functions well together its a special magic thing. I cannot wait for all our time together  We get together and things just work.  Here is a silly picture of Hannah, Erin and I.


There are so many children we hope to see in Hunan.  I don't want to say the number for fear ts true. We are so hoping to get a wonderful snapshot of how each child is doing and beautiful pictures too! We will bring all this home and convey to waiting parents how special these children are. And how much each and every one needs a family.

At the same time we are waiting to be reunited with our team, we are waiting to be reunited with all the beautiful children we have met.  We will see them too! Just thinking about hugging each one and telling them they are special.  Bringing hope for each one of these precious children to find a forever family.

Out from Beijing.