The Simple things

Tuesday we reflected on the simple things.  We were at the orphanage early and in walked a little girl with wet hair that was tangled.  She sat with us for a while. We knew her hair needed combing and wondered when the nanny would be in to do this.  Shortly she came in with a wide toothed comb and slowly began the task of combing this girls hair.  As she did the little one started to cry and right away three of us got up and started to kiss and whisper sweet nothings to her. She stopped immediately and just soaked up the love.  I was happy we could do this.  We all reflected in such simple things.  Loving on these kiddos.   More important than anything.  Except finding them a forever family.

We also found something that made almost every child smile.  We have a Polaroid camera that prints stickers.  We have been sticking them on the backs of donated credit card mirrors.  (the wonderful girls club of adopted kiddos in NY donated them.) They have brought smiles to the faces of all the kiddos.
here we all are with the director of the SWI.  We saw quite a number of children yesterday.  We finished at 6 pm and had dinner at the orphanage.  Came back to the room and crashed.  Today another long day, Hunan in the morning to see kiddos, then we travel to JiangXi province to see more children there.  This begins the hardest leg of our trip. one night in each location as we cross the province. Gongzhan will join the trip after midnight tonight.

Send prayers and positive energy as we cross the province.  We hope to do good work and help as  many children  as possible find their forever families.