JiangXi day 2

Superkids team member Chelsea guest writes for the blog today this is what she has to say
Today was a long day, but it was rich and full. The whole team was together at 
last and we have three more precious days together before Darla goes home. I 
cannot express how grateful I am to share so many incredible moments with such a 
compassionate and capable team and I am deeply humbled every time our efforts 
benefit the life of a child. So many children that we met last year have been 
matched with families of their own. We have had the joy of brining gifts and 
family pictures to children whose wait is finally coming to an end. Seeing these 
children again and knowing they now have someone on the other side of the world 
waiting for them is exactly what Superkids is all about. But our work is not 
done. We have seen children on this trip that we met last year that are still 
waiting. Children that have grown and changed but their circumstances have 
remained stagnant and although I have missed these children dearly it is rather 
heartbreaking to see them again. We affectionately call them "our" children. We 
will walk into a room and say to each other-- "look it's one of ours!" We saw a 
lot of "our" children today, which can make for a long day filled with both 
grief and joy but today we got a special gift. Last year we met a tiny infant 
with only a slim chance at life and this year when we saw that sweet face again 
all we felt was joy-- no grief, just gratitude.