Bringing a Walker to China

There are all sorts of reasons to do this.  We needed one and we do not have time to try and find one. They are more accessible in The US.  We wanted to help a sweet girl.  So eventually I got her height. This is not really how you measure for a walker but it would do.  I spent 2.5 hours in the surgical supply store getting this drop shipped.

So, I obtained the walker.  I got it to the airport.  People watched me as I wheeled it through the terminal.   The walker was gate checked.  Then off it and I went to China.  When I exited the plane there was some confusion abut where the walker really was.  Eventually, I found it and began wheeling it through the airport.  Every 40 to 50 feet, someone offered me a wheelchair.  Too funny. The walker was carried from Beijing to Hunan on a domestic flight and then we hand carried it to the JiangXi province.  So here we go  Why???

This is why!!!

One of our very special Gladney families donated the funds to buy this walker.  They have Heart to serve and are committed to making the world a better place for one child at a time. SO can you see what wonderful things come out of taking a walker to China.