Rocky's Best Moment

Rocky is our in country facilitator.  I spoke with him the other day and asked him about his best memory of the last trip.  Rocky has been on several trips with us.  He, Gongzhan and I even went as far north as Jamusi, which is pretty much as north as you can go in China.  You throw a rock and you are in Russia.  Rocky is more than a guide.  He is more of a coordinator.  Makes paperwork get to where its supposed to go.  coordinates in country facilitation in other cities and is just a generally great guy.  Rocky is definitely an integral member of the Superkids and Gladney family.

Rocky told me his best moment was when we toured Butterfly house.  There was a little boy there that he met.  Now to tour you need gowns, gloves because we had been in the orphanage with children all day. They don't want these children to pick up anything from other children.  They are medically fragile.   So the team gowned up and so did Rocky.  We went in and in the very first room a boy somehow ended up in Rocky's arms.  He just stood there and held that boy.  He laughed and giggled.  the boy was so happy.  We all went on with our tour except for Rocky.  We saw Butterfly house and came back and rocky was still holding the boy.  Both of them smiling.

Doing what we do changes you and it has truly opened Rocky's heart.  He said it occurred to him at that moment that he knew he wanted to help the children and it was so simple and clear.  He could help so much just by holding them and talking to them.

Erin, Chelsea and I remember this well too.

And By the way, eight more sleeps!!!!