Erin Remembers

Erin writes:

When Pat asked me to share my favorite memory of last year's Superkids I thought it would be easy to decide on one, but I've been mulling over it for a few days and I still can't come up with one favorite.  There are just too many very special, wonderful memories. 

I think one of the sweetest moments was when Pat was working with an older girl who was mentally delayed.  Pat was showing her how to do various things like stand on one foot, jump, etc.  When Pat held both arms straight out, instead of copying her, this sweet girl went straight to Pat and threw her arms around her in a huge hug.  It was so precious! 

Or another time when Pat was trying to get "Penny" to go through the same assessment type of things, Penny did cartwheels instead of merely balancing on one foot.  We all cheered for her and she was absolutely thrilled!

And, of course, I can't share memories without talking about Bea.  Bea and Billy, both six years old at the time, walked into the room holding hands.  As soon as they were in the room Bea broke away and ran up to me and gave me a big hug!  I picked her up and her little arms immediately went around my neck.  My heart just melted!  One of the things I am looking forward to this time is seeing both Billy and Bea again knowing that they have a family eagerly waiting to bring them home!

I could go on and on sharing stories and memories.  Each child is so special, and each one leaves a different, sweet imprint on my heart.