Three more Sleeps

We cant wait to be in China. right now we are all so excited that we just want to get on the plane.  If I did that now I would fail miserably.  I have nothing packed.  EEK!  We are all in a flurry of last minute preparation.  Most every one's care package is here by now.  My packing mound looks like a mountain.  A week from today WE will be hugging little sweet children on the other side of the world.  We will also be so happy to see our Asia contacts.  Yeah!!

China has different smells and will be very different than the where mos of us live in terms of temperature.  We have had a cool summer so far in the North East so this will be a shock.  Very hot and humid.

SO follow along and here we go.  We hope to have unique content daily on the blogs.  VPN cooperating.  A

WC blog will have our daily reflections and we hope some video and Superkids will have special stores and more pictures.  This is on a wal in Yu Gardens in Shanghai.

Here we go  in just three more sleeps!